Restaurant Reservation Book

The Restaurant Reservation book is perfect for keeping track of your lunch and dinner reservations. The book is well designed, professionally bound and used by many restaurants throughout the country.

Sample Restaurant Reservation Book

Sample Restaurant Reservation Book color may vary

* A necessity for every Restaurant
* Easy to order, easily delivered
* Good strong binding
* Designed by a restaurateur
* With a ribbon bookmark
* Each page dated
* All South Africa public Holidays

Do not lose that booking again, while creating the right impression with a quality reservation book.

The Restaurant Book Company, is an innovative company helping you with the smooth running of your establishment.

Supplying restaurants of distinction since 2005

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Cost of Book (Including free delivery in South Africa)

Full Book       R 880.00
Half Book (set) R 998.00
Half Book individual    R 690.00

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We are based in Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

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